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Denmark unveils new foreign affairs and security police

Government responds to an ever-changing geopolitical landscape

The masterplan is revealed (photo: Foreign Ministry)
November 15th, 2018 2:12 pm| by Christian W

Moments ago, the government presented its new foreign affairs and security strategy for 2019-2020 in a bid to convey how Denmark can best navigate a world embroiled in change and strife.

Among the key areas encompassed by the scope of the policy include ongoing international co-operation, security, a strong and efficient EU, refugees, migration and development, economic diplomacy, strategic partnerships, the Arctic, and the new digital world order.

”The world today is a better place to live than ever before. But it is also a far more unpredictable world. The global balance of power is being displaced, and the international co-operation that has defined global development is under duress,” said the foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen.

Samuelsen said that Denmark needed to engage in world issues and fight for Danish values and actively protect the country’s interests. Only then, he contended, can Denmark remain one of the freest, safest and wealthiest societies on the planet.

Read the entire strategy, which will be discussed by Parliament on November 22, here (in Danish).

Focal points of the strategy:

The government will:

– establish a primary private sector-driven process regarding trans-Atlantic players that will look into the possibility of forming an international set of legislation for e-trade

– strengthen the international community’s ability to tackle armed conflict via an increased Danish contribution to UN peacekeeping and conflict-preventative efforts

– ensure more Danish influence in international organisations through a co-ordinated effort for Danish nominations, such as the establishment of a ‘clearing hour’ and a digital platform that supports inter-ministerial co-operation and a goal-orientated effort

– defend liberal values like basic rules of law, freedom of religion, women’s rights and freedom of speech, whilst promoting a political space for human rights advocates

– spread sustainable solutions via the P4G initiative, including 55 million kroner annually set aside in the 2019 budget proposal to promote specific public-private sector partnerships, and contribute to a gradual expansion of the P4G partnership

– set aside an additional 60 million kroner to promote the reforms of UN secretary general António Guterres, which are aimed at boosting and streamlining the UN

– appoint a special climate and energy envoy who will support Denmark’s engagements concerning the UN climate summit in September 2019.