Government unveils new plastic strategy

27 initiatives to reduce plastic waste and pollution

Presenting the new government strategy, ‘Plastic without waste’ (photo:
December 5th, 2018 2:15 pm| by Christian W

Denmark has long campaigned for more comprehensive legislation at a EU level regarding the issue of plastic waste.

Today the government revealed its own strategy, ‘plastic without waste’, which comprises 27 initiatives geared towards reducing plastic waste in nature and incinerators and improving recycling.

“Today, we burn far too much plastic and we must become better at recycling it. We don’t have unlimited resources at our disposal, and there is no reason to explore new resources when we can use the ones we already possess,” said the environment and food manager, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

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National plastic centre
Ellemann-Jensen stated that Denmark shouldn’t stop the use of plastic, but rather embrace it in a more intelligent manner.

Among the 27 initiatives that make up the strategy, one of the key elements is the establishment of a national plastic centre, which will be the underpinning for Denmark’s plastic efforts.

Other prime aspects of the strategy, which will require the approval of Parliament, include a ban on thin plastic bags and better sorting of plastic waste.

Read more about the plan here (in Danish).

The 27 initiatives:

– A national plastic centre as a hub for the Danish plastic effort

– An analysis of Denmark’s plastic consumption and handling

– A mapping of the development and business potential for Danish plastic companies

– Prioritising research and technological development methods

– Cross-sector co-operation within agriculture, construction, restaurants and the details industry

– Pant and bottle-return system to be expanded to juice cartons from 1 January 2020

– Expanded producer packaging responsibility

– New standards for sorting and collection of plastic waste

– Denmark sorting the EU disposable plastics directive

– National information campaign aimed at reducing plastic waste in nature

– A pool for local initiatives to clear plastic from the Danish beaches

– A ban on non-biodegradable shotgun shells

– Looking into ‘ghost netting’ in Danish waters and cleaning methods

– A ban on free thicker plastic bags that have a handle

– A ban on thin plastic bags with a handle

– Danish plastic bag consumption to be halved by 2023

– Development of demands about the reduction of disposable plastic consumption at larger events

– An analysis of the packaging tax on disposable cutlery to reduce plastic consumption

– A ban on microplastic in cosmetics

– A national research and innovation network for microplastics

– Gathering knowledge about microplastics in waste-water

– Gathering knowledge about microplastic pollution from artificial turfs and possible alternatives

– Gathering knowledge about pros and cons regarding bio-based and biodegradable plastic

– Mapping PVC products on the Danish market and substitute options

– A joint European demand for design and recycling

– Prioritising Denmark’s international engagement on the issue of plastic

– Strengthened efforts in nearby maritime areas