When it comes to porn, Denmark are world beaters

Thirst for pornography growing during the lockdown

More Danes are plugging into pornography (photo: pikrepo.com)
April 15th, 2020 12:10 pm| by Roselyne Min

As if Denmark needed any more proof that it is knuckling down to beat the coronavirus, it has come from the most unlikely of sources.

The Pornhub Model Program lets individuals upload their own videos, and in turn they earn advertising revenue according to how often their links are viewed.

And it turns out they owe quite a debt to the Danes, as interest in home-grown pornography is flourishing in Denmark during the lockdown.

All hands to the pump
The amount of revenue generated by the site from Danish viewers grew by 53 percent between February and March, making the birthplace of legal hardcore pornography the world leaders.

Only Israel with a 48 percent rise, and Belgium with a 35 percent increase, came anywhere close to matching the Danes in the joystick department.

Industry insiders are unsure whether the general increase can be attributed to more time at home, or an increase in customer-less sex workers contributing videos to the site.