More avenues of Denmark reopening on April 20

Hairdressers, courts and dentists among those able to open their doors to the public again next Monday

Dentistry among the trades reopening for business (photo: Pixabay)
April 17th, 2020 1:47 pm| by Christian W

Earlier this week the government revealed it would further reopen Denmark based on encouraging coronavirus developments.

Now, following a few days of discussions, a plan has emerged.

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Hair and teeth 
From April 20, a number of smaller vocations can reopen, while several public sector functions are being encouraged to return to work.

However, restaurants, cafes and shopping centres will remain closed for now.

Check out the factbox below to see what is reopening.

Permitted to open on Monday:

Private sector:

– dentists

– hairdressers

– masseuses

– tattooists 

– drivers licence instructors 

– physiotherapy

– certain ‘liberal vocations’ 

Public sector (encouraged):

– courts

– family courts

– prison sentences can be served

– research labs