Politicians criticise lack of coverage on City Ring

Metro officials say they will provide a service by the autumn, but both politicians and commuters are unhappy with the delay

Commuters say it is unprofessional that there is still no service on Copenhagen’s new Metro lines (photo: Pixabay/Thiestro)
July 2nd, 2020 10:24 am| by Ayee Macaraig

Commuters hoping to send messages, check Facebook or read their email on the new Copenhagen Metro lines will be disappointed as there is still no coverage in the subway.

Users and politicians alike have criticised the lack of service, which has persisted since the M3 line, the City Ring, opened in September.

“I can understand if the users of the City Ring find it strange that the telecommunications companies have taken so long to provide mobile coverage, and I am not satisfied either,” said the transport minister, Benny Engelbrecht.

Copenhagen Municipality owns half of Metroselskabet, the state owns 41.7 percent while Frederiksberg Municipality has the last 8.3 percent.

Metroselskabet told DR that “the challenges of establishing mobile coverage on the M3 and M4 line have proven greater than expected”.

The response, though, is not enough for various stakeholders.

“It is unsatisfactory that you can’t use your phone. And it’s unprofessional that it hasn’t been arranged,” said metro commuter representative Tina Weber.

Coverage by fall
Politicians at Copenhagen City Hall are also dissatisfied.

“It’s simply not good enough – it’s simple. That should have been clear the moment it opened, or in the immediate aftermath,” said Lars Weiss, a member of the technical and environment committee. 

Metroselskabet said that it was working with telecommunication providers to complete the work and have full mobile coverage by the autumn.