Dexter’s Bar to host Jamaican Independence Day blowout in Copenhagen

The Jamaican flag, a.k.a. “The Cross”, “Black, Green, and Gold” (Photo credit: UIHere)
August 6th, 2020 2:34 pm| by Nathan Walmer

This Friday, on August 7 at Dexter’s Bar – found at Åboulevard 9AB, just off the Lakes where Nørrebro borders Frederiksberg – you can sip down an authentic Jamaican rum cocktail faster than the Union Jack was lowered all across the island nation of Jamaica 58 years ago. 

That’s because Dexter’s Bar is celebrating the anniversary of Jamaican independence from Britain on 6 August 1962 – the country’s day of independence. 

An independent streak
Dexter’s Bar, known for its healthy stock of 120-plus rums, Afro-Caribbean inspired cocktails and fare, and hot off receiving its Google award for ‘best-rated bar in Copenhagen’, will be serving up Jamaican food, specialty cocktails and a bit of history at their Jamaican Independence Party.

The event will have free admission and will run from 5 pm until past midnight. It will feature a speaker at 7 pm who will be sharing stories about Jamaica’s rich history. 

On the food front, guests can delight in the ‘Jamaican Jerk Box’ (135 kroner) on offer, which will include Jamaican Jerk chicken and ital stew, accompanied with rice and peas, or you can order either their chicken or vegetarian ‘Jamaican Patties’ for 45 kroner apiece.

The bar’s namesake bartender, Dexter, says he will also be concocting specialty beverages just for the occasion. “We’re going to have some special drinks. Something like a drink called a ‘Steel-Bottom’: with Red Stripe beer and a strong 63 percent rum mixed together,” he promised.

“Black, Green, and Gold
Dexter, who hails from Jamaica and has been working as a bartender for 30 years in the Caribbean and Denmark, explains that he wants to bring the same feel of merriment and independence to Copenhagen: “Independence day is very big in Jamaica. A lot of people celebrate and have a lot of parties all over the island.”

“Just to be independent, you know what it’s about. It feels like freedom, doesn’t it?” Whatever spirit of independence – or spirit behind the barkeep you’re after – Dexter’s will be sure to have it in abundance this Friday.

What a Jerk! – Box (Instagram: dexterscph)