Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE) is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School offering the Primary Years (PYP) and Middle Years (MYP) programs of study to international and Danish families. Founded in 2011 as a private English speaking day school, both programs offer an interdisciplinary approach to education which provides students with an understanding of the world around them, how the various components interact with each other and the skills needed for successful interaction as lifelong learners. Whereas the PYP curriculum focuses on the whole child with an emphasis around essential elements such as attitudes, concepts, knowledge, skills and action, the MYP curriculum covers a range of subjects including language acquisition, language and literature, individuals and societies, mathematics, science, the arts and physical education. Upon successful completion of the MYP Certificate, students can enter the highly respected and globally accepted IB Diploma Program (DP) found in over 3000 schools across some 150 countries worldwide.

AAGE can be characterized as a school with happy children and enthusiastic learners who are supported by experienced and passionate teachers working cooperatively to fulfill the school’s vision of striving towards excellence through commitment to improving student learning.


The international section of the Bernadotte School, “The Little House”, is an international school in Denmark which offers education from pre-school to 9th grade (age group 6 – 15 years).

Bernadotte School was opened in 1949 by a group of parents who were motivated by the same ideas which led to the establishment of the United Nations: the prevention of future conflict by the promotion of international understanding.

Educationally, the school had very clear aims from the beginning: a desire to break away from the rigidity and authoritarianism of traditional schooling, and to put into practice the new ideas of child-centered pedagogy. Though the school has developed and adapted a great deal since those days in response to the varying demands of modern society, the guiding principles have held fast and still help to create a learning environment which we feel is very special: an environment which both students and teachers enjoy because everyone can contribute to it in their own way.
Bernadotte School is a Danish school with an international, English-speaking section called The Little House. It is important to note that we are Danish and not an American or British international school, and that our working methods, philosophy and the general ambience of the school will reflect this difference. read more…


Bjørn´s International School in Copenhagen is an independent international school with about 160 students from over 50 nations and an internationally qualified teaching staff.

BIS students can be taught through English or Danish from 6 to 16 years.

BIS is a member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) and the centre for IGCSE (the International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Copenhagen.

BIS was established in 1967 and is open to all who share our vision and guidelines.

Our vision at BIS is to provide

a positive supporting environment where students have the opportunity to achieve successful results together.
challenges to develop individual potential and strengthen self-confidence.

empathy, harmony and respect for all in our multicultural classes.

a network in which parents, students and teachers co-operate to achieve the best for our children.


Copenhagen International School is a leading, non-profit day school offering a comprehensive education program for students aged 3 to 19. Over 800 students from more than 70 countries attend one of the school’s two campuses, the Hellerup campus for Primary and Middle School students aged 3 to 13 and the City Campus for Senior School students aged 14 to 18.

CIS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and has been accredited by the Council of International Schools since 1973. The school is also accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

CIS is committed to excellence in the education and the personal growth of every student. Our students learn in a multicultural community where each person is respected regardless of nationality, race, or religion. Students discover the world, its people, and its cultures through direct experience. Through play, study, and the relationships they form, students at CIS learn to appreciate their own strengths and to respect differences rather than fear them. Combined with academic rigor, this experience extends outside the classroom and equips students for success and global citizenship beyond school.


Esbjerg International School accepts students aged 3-17. Students representing over 35 different countries have joined our school since it first opened in August 2008. First and Additional languages taught include Danish, German and Spanish. Other subjects include English, Integrated Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Information & Communication Technologies, Art & Design Model United Nations and Yearbook.

The internationally-transferable Cambridge International Curriculum as well as the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) are used at EIS to prepare our students for future success. The IPC units provide Primary students excellent opportunities to apply the skills and content learned from the Cambridge International Curriculum in an authentic, problem-solving manner. If you are interested in joining EIS then be sure to read about registration and tuition as well as having a look at our facilities. You might want to also check out our after-school care not to mention our parent testimonials. Esbjerg International School is an affordable non-profit international school governed by an elected board in Esbjerg, Denmark.


In its first years, the European School Copenhagen will have a temporary home at Skolen i Sydhavnen (The School at Sydhavnen) in the Southern part of Copenhagen. Over time, the school will come to have three language sections, which will be taught in English, Danish and a third language which has not yet been decided.

In 2018, it is anticipated that the school will move to new facilities in Carlsberg Byen, one of Copenhagen’s most central urban development areas. In 2021, when the school is fully phased in, it will have 13 year groups and 900 students.


The IB Diploma program is an international curriculum where all teaching is in English. At Herlufsholm Skole we also prioritize the Danish courses because it is the primary language of communication on a daily basis.

IB corresponds to the Danish 2nd and 3rd year of upper-secondary school. This is why we have created a Prep-IB class that corresponds to the first year of upper-secondary. We expect that students in our Prep-IB classes show a sufficient level of maturity and independence as well as academic ambition and good results before they can advance to the IB program.

With IB being a challenging program taught solely in English, each student must take an English and Math test as part of the admission procedure for Prep-IB and IB. It is possible to directly start in the IB Diploma program but this requires a high academic level as well as a sufficient level of maturity and willingness to learn. Most students are thus recommended to start in Prep-IB to ensure that their academic level is high enough to give them the best possible IB Diploma exam.


NGG International is a private day school, with children from the age of 4 to 16, Early Years to Year 11. There are over 217 students and 30 staff, from over 40 countries.

The school offers International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge International Exams (CIE) for secondary students.The language of instruction at the school is English and the children also have an opportunity to learn the host nation’s language, Danish.
NGG International is the international department of NGG, Denmark’s largest private school, Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium samt HF.


Our mission, as a center of academic excellence, is to provide high quality education to internationally minded-students. Through differentiated teaching and an environment of mutual respect and tolerance we seek to provide a safe environment in which students are encourage to explore their full potential as global and responsible citizens.

We teach according to the Cambridge International Curriculum. Our Students get a deep understanding of all basic subjects.

Student Life
Our students thrive in our multicultural environment with a deeply ingrained atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

Our students strive to be the best they can be and do the best they can do. Similarly the school is striving to be the school of choice for foreigners and Danes.

Located in the heart of Jutland we serve a large part of Denmark and provide excellent education opportunity for both expats and Danes in the area


International School of Hellerup is a not-for profit IB World School for students aged 3 -19. We welcome over 500 students representing more than 50 nationalities and we offer the three main International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Our students receive an excellent, well-rounded education from passionate and well-qualified teachers in a caring, supportive and exciting learning environment.

We pride ourselves in fostering reflective and purposeful learners and responsible global citizens.


Ranum Efterskole College is the global department of Ranum Efterskole, which is a bilingual International boarding school for learners between the ages of 14 and 18.
The unique combination of the Danish efterskole and the certified Cambridge International School, offers learners enrolled at Ranum Efterskole College an unparalleled opportunity to prepare themselves, personally and professionally, to life in a complex and ever-changing world.

Intercultural Understanding & Competencies

The global department of Ranum Efterskole is an important pillar in our foundation and reflects our approach to society – we are part of an interconnected global society and we innate believe that in diversity, there are similarity. We believe tolerance and acceptance to be key elements in order to facilitate an intercultural understanding, and we believe curiosity and open-mindedness to be key elements in establishing 21st century competencies. The global department has become a most stimulating and rewarding feature among learners, teachers and members of staff in general.


Rygaards International School is a private, Christian/Catholic, co-educational establishment. It is recognised by and subject to, Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State.

The school is a member of COBIS (The Council of British International Schools), ECIS (The European Council of International Schools) and FAKS (The Association of Catholic Schools in Denmark).

The School is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of 5 members and is a non-profit making institution. The day to day running of the school is managed by a team of 5 leaders.

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