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The Post Guide is a service platform for expats in Denmark. It provides consolidated information on international schools, events, sports clubs, job sites, banks and many more. Whether you are new to Denmark or have been living here – The Post Guide is a one stop store for all information.

The Copenhagen Post

Denmark’s leading source for news in English. In addition to publishing the only regularly printed English-language newspaper in Denmark, we also provide constantly updated on-line news.

In addition to more than a decade of experience selecting and writing news for our own publications, The Copenhagen Post also produces and delivers news on a daily basis to national and international news organisations.

On a national level we provide news services for organisations such as Jyllands-Posten and Infomedia. Daily news is also provided to a number of official national websites, including Expat in Denmark.

Internationally, The Copenhagen Post has delivered news to organisations such as Agence France Presse, Al-Jazeera, the BBC, and The New York Times Syndicate.

These relationships combine to give The Copenhagen Post an extensive and well-functioning network of contacts in the print, broadcast and on-line media.

Because The Copenhagen Post’s news staff is made up solely of native English speakers who have an extensive knowledge of the Danish language and the country’s current affairs, we are able to provide news that is second to none, and which has featured in international and national publications.

In addition to news, The Copenhagen Post is also a leading provider of non-news services to the private and public sectors. Over the past six years, the number organisations turning to us to provide writing, translation, editing, production or delivery services has increased dramatically. This is due in no small measure to the increased presence of international organisations, workers and students in Denmark, especially Copenhagen.

In addition to our weekly newspaper and our InOut entertainment section, The Copenhagen Post also publishes news and advertising supplements on a regular basis. Please click on one of the images above to view an online version of our publications.

The Copenhagen Post welcomes outside articles and letters to the editor. Letters and comments can be left on this website or sent to:comments@cphpost.dk.

The Copenhagen Post accepts no responsibility for the content of material submitted by advertisers.

The Copenhagen Post was founded in 1997 by San Shepherd is currently published by CPHPOST.DK ApS.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief (responsible under the Media Liability Act): Ejvind Sandal


Contact Info

International House
CopenhagenGyldenløvsgade 11, 1.sal
1600 Copenhagen
phone: +45 3336 3300 / email: info@cphpost.dk

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