Herlufsholm Skole

The IB Diploma program is an international curriculum where all teaching is in English. At Herlufsholm Skole we also prioritize the Danish courses because it is the primary language of communication on a daily basis.

IB corresponds to the Danish 2nd and 3rd year of upper-secondary school. This is why we have created a Prep-IB class that corresponds to the first year of upper-secondary. We expect that students in our Prep-IB classes show a sufficient level of maturity and independence as well as academic ambition and good results before they can advance to the IB program.

With IB being a challenging program taught solely in English, each student must take an English and Math test as part of the admission procedure for Prep-IB and IB. It is possible to directly start in the IB Diploma program but this requires a high academic level as well as a sufficient level of maturity and willingness to learn. Most students are thus recommended to start in Prep-IB to ensure that their academic level is high enough to give them the best possible IB Diploma exam.

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