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Comedy Review: Forges a strong bond with the audience, but a little too anecdotal


Remember: the forehead, not the hands (JB Facebook page)
September 12th, 2019 4:15 pm| by Roselyne Min

Usually, Huset-KBH is a place for cosy boardgame nights with quite a selection of Danish beer. However, last Wednesday, a big audience was looking forward to some slightly more unusual amusement – the kind that can make you laugh your forehead out of joint (more of that later) whilst still holding a beer, of course.

Deprecating to good effect
When Jefferson Bond appeared on stage to plenty of applause, he went: “I’m half-English and half-Irish, which means half of myself think I’m better than anyone for no reason, while the other half think I’m the worst.”

The deprecating rhetoric towards himself and his own culture instantly drew a strong response – most particularly from the Jantelov adherents among the primarily Danish audience, a nation that he has been religiously observing every day since he moved to the country two and a half years ago.

Praising and pulling their legs
In fact, he knew how to play with the audience, praising them to the sky and then pulling their legs gently down to the bottom of the slope. He teased the Danes that they are beautiful but invariable drunk, good English speakers but with a terrible accent, and blessed with kind but distant personalities. Showing abundant love towards the country, he made fun of the people that they cannot be perfect.

Bond’s humour also resonated with the internationals amongst the audience: the difficulties with speaking the language, and the embarrassing errors it often entails, for example.

Rejsekort gems
But while his mimicry was truly impressive – from his polite English mother to the sounds the Rejsekort makes when the balance is too low – some of his anecdotes were a little hackneyed (from meeting his girlfriend’s parents to his annoying little brother), like he was fleshing out the show so it could be justified as a whole evening’s experience.

Nevertheless, the audience left the bar tapping their foreheads to show their respect – as Bond says, why do we always choose our hands … especially as we’re using them to hold our beer.

My life as a rock star astronaut and other lies by Jefferson Bond

Jefferson performed at Huset as part of the Zulu Comedy Festival