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Comedy Review: Joe’s turn to crow at the Downtown Dubliner


Adrian Mackinder (left) returns to action next Thursday (photo: Hasse Ferrold)
October 2nd, 2019 3:41 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Copenhagen English Comedy Night, we salute your longevity! There aren’t many other monthly events that have stayed the course as well as you this past decade.

First off, at around 100 kroner a ticket, you’re excellent value for money compared to how much most live entertainment normally costs in the city.

For that, you get four comedians – three guest performers and the host – and you can expect in excess of two hours of comedy.

And while the very nature of stand-up comedy means the performances might be variable, it was clear by the reaction to the September edition that there’s something for everyone if you vary the styles, nationalities and ages of the performers.

Without Joe there’s no show
Really we should be saluting the event organiser Joe Eagan, who at the Dubliner Downtown (Ny Østergade 14) has found the perfect venue for the English-language event.

It’s big enough to house quite a crowd, with plenty of floor space to fill once all the tables are taken – mostly by Larry’s meetup group.

And while tallying the numbers – so you’re not paying the performers too much (travel expenses must be a logistical nightmare) whilst ensuring enough punters come to watch – must be hard enough, Eagan was even called upon to host the September issue in the absence of the regular compere.

“You’re fucking shit,” a young boy from the audience, with more than a passing resemblance to the pub’s former landlord, told him as he was warming up, but the big-hearted Canadian was in no mood to be squashed by a pint-sized schoolyard bully, delivering a continental diatribe that mostly pleased the multi-national audience.

If the EU ever feels like it needs a standup to fill the void left by Brexit, then Eagan’s your man.

As happy as Larry
To give the other comedians individual appraisals is mostly pointless because A) this review should have been written weeks ago and they’ve long stopped searching online for it, B) they’ll probably never return to Copenhagen again, giving you no chance of ever watching them, C) you can hardly blame them for not saving their best material for a poorly-paid gig in an obscure location and bothering to do some local research, and D) tastes in humour are as unpredictable as tastes in porn – just because you like John Cleese, we can’t assume you also like S&M.

All I remember is absolutely losing the plot (in my case, two to three pints are needed to oil the laughing gear) when Will Mars (five stars) closed his routine with an improvised attack on an audience member who was considerably better looking than him, and also when John Lynn (six stars) opened his with a tour-de-force in which he very soundly rubbished the venue. Romanian stand-up Radu Isac (three stars) had some charming childhood recollections of watching the Ceaușescus being executed Romania’s only TV channel, but overall lacked confidence.

And when I wasn’t laughing, I was watching other members of the audience – either not laughing at something I thought they should be laughing at, or laughing at some observation about Denmark that this hardened cynic stopped smiling about decades ago. For the record, I don’t think I saw Larry (who has been here since 1931) laugh once, and the same was true of a desperate Danish-American woman who had clearly only come to pick up young (so not me) men.

Show returns next Thursday
So onwards to the next show, which is scheduled to take place at 20:00 on Thursday October 10, with two of the three acts already confirmed: Ian Coppinger from Ireland and Daniel Muggleton from Australia.

Eagan, who won’t be compering this time as CPH POST columnist Adrian Mackinder will be resuming hosting duties (much to the relief of the aforementioned boy and his dad), advises everyone to get there at 19:30, but he’s just being modest, as the place is already heaving by then, so make it at least 19:00.

Reservations can be made providing you are eating (via 3311 8428) and advance tickets cost 110 kroner (via, with a two-person special available for 190 kroner. Entrance on the night is 120 kroner.