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Coming up Soon: Winner takes it all at the Copenhagen Conker Championship

(photo: Daen de Leon)
October 11th, 2019 5:45 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Copenhagen Conker Championship is back. Remember: you’ll be allocated a conker when you get there, so no funny business with the vinegar! Organiser John Nunn urges partipants to sign up as “it’s not like these things grow on bloody trees or anything” (Oct 12, 14:00; Charlie’s Bar, Pilestræde 33, Cph K; register via Facebook)

As the host city of the C40 World Mayors Summit, this is Copenhagen’s time to shine as one of the world’s most liveable and sustainable cities. ‘Live Like Tomorrow’ is organising lots of events dedicated to climate issues that will coincide with the event (Oct 9-12; various venues; free adm;

Have you ever imagined swing dancing on an old church floor? Absalon Church, now reconstructed as a local community house, feels just your living room. Dance to the rhythm of Maria Schilling & Friends. An introductory hour is available for newbies and rusty dancers (Oct 12, 21:00-24:00; Absalon, Sønder Boulevard 73, Cph V; 100kr,

There is no better way to experience a culture than cooking the food. In the Persian cooking class, you will learn how Persian culture is integral to its food. The raw material price of 150 kroner is included (Oct 12, 11:00-15:35; Risbjergskolen, Risbjergvej 10-20, Hvidovre; 650kr;

Learning a language is never limited by a place. The national gallery of Denmark offers a community for Danish beginners to discuss art and mingle in Danish (Oct 16 & 23, 16:00-19:00; Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; free adm,