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Concert Review: All hail Caesar!


November 6th, 2019 4:53 pm| by Eric Maganga

You could feel it in the cold end-of-October air. There was an eerie calm that suggested something was percolating below the surface.

And by the time the night was up, this young Canadian king had mostly conquered the Copenhagen crowd on a night with few misses.

Caesar’s connection
It was clear Daniel Caesar was highly anticipated.

He connected with the crowd throughout, from making his smash hit ‘Get You’ a singalong, and then splitting the crowd up into competing sections to coming back for an impromptu encore after the crowd made some serious noise for him.

Caesar explained that one of the encore songs was inspired by a crowd member’s sign calling for the track.

Daniel delighted
It was one of those nights: organic, connected, comfortable.

The focus was on the new stuff, though, and there were grumblings heard that he wasn’t playing more songs from his breakthrough album ‘Freudian’.

He must have felt he had been there and done that after his last sold out Copenhagen show at DR Koncerthuset a couple of years back. 

The meal deal
The show was like a satisfying meal and the audience were happy to be served.

He claimed Copenhagen was one of his favourite places on earth, but the crowd didn’t need to be buttered up anymore.

The cream rose to the top and everyone in attendance will be hoping for more new music and a new tour in due time.

Eric Maganga

Eric, who holds a master’s degree in communication and English, has a multi-cultural background having grown up in the international school system in Denmark. Eric is a passionate poet and an up-and-coming playwright who has participated in the last two Copenhagen Theatre Circle ‘Fringe Festivals’. Find out more at Eric’s website and Instagram page.