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Concert Review: Lizzo lets them know she’s larger than love


November 24th, 2019 9:03 am| by Eric Maganga

Lizzo brought the last leg of her ‘Cuz I Love You Too’ tour to KB Hallen in Copenhagen this week.

It’s an understatement to call Lizzo’s voice powerful. She sings with such passion and unbridled enthusiasm. She equally offers life wisdom and playful jokes.

Her voice cut through the air on a freezing night to give the audience even more chills.

Sea of approval
Lizzo had the crowd waving, clapping and stomping in unison. At times all that was visible was a sea of hands.

She played to the crowd, telling them it was her favourite show of the tour.

And the energy she closed the tour with was remarkable.

Entire arsenal
Lizzo showed off her full repertoire, from twerking to playing the flute, but make no mistake, this night was about her voice as she cleanly sang her hits. ‘Jerome’ comes to mind as a standout.

The show was a satisfying mix of conversations with the crowd and high-octane vocals, and the encore performance of ‘Juice’ was the icing on the cake. It will have all of her extremely dedicated fans clamouring for her return.

Eric Maganga

Eric, who holds a master’s degree in communication and English, has a multi-cultural background having grown up in the international school system in Denmark. Eric is a passionate poet and an up-and-coming playwright who has participated in the last two Copenhagen Theatre Circle ‘Fringe Festivals’. Find out more at Eric’s website and Instagram page.