Concert Review: When everyone fell in love with Joss Stone (again) … – The Post

Concert Review: When everyone fell in love with Joss Stone (again) …

Super Duper Love and Soul with Joss Stone
July 22nd, 2016 6:00 pm| by Jenna Kleinwort

Soul for the soul
British soul singer Joscelyn Eve Stone, better known by her stage name Joss Stone, finally returned to Denmark to play a sold out Amager Bio on Monday July 18.

Stone played a compilation of songs from her six studio albums and presented songs from her latest release, ‘Water for your soul’, which combines funk, soul, rock and reggae elements and once again demonstrates Stone’s manifold musical talent.

The now 29-year-old Stone rose to fame when she was only 16 with her multi-platinum debut album ‘The Soul Sessions’.

So much love for everything
Stone never quite reached those heights again. Over the past decade she has engaged herself in a lot of charity events and activities and at some point even considered a career as a midwife. But now she seems ready to reappear and her recent release is promising.

Most of her new songs still deal with her favourite topic: love. Stone stresses though that it is not only love for boys, but also of other things. One of her songs, Sensimilla, is a love letter to her favourite plant.

Being a bit of a free spirit and hippie, Stone performed in a long white dress and barefooted. Her show was personal and intimate and she connected well with the small crowd.

Her soul vocals are impressive and capturing. And so are all her childhood anecdotes and weird jokes.

Stone was very chatty, smiley, and laughing a lot. Halfway through the show, she asked her photographer Harry to make her a cup of tea. How very lovely.

Peace and love, Joss
Stone spreads love and joy. Her smile is intoxicating and she really gives good vibes.

She ended her show with ‘Right to be wrong’, which has become something of a ritual – as she joked, it is meant to make up for all the notes she sung out of key. There was not many, if at all, and with her great performance and aura no-one in the audience even had time to notice.

When she tried to finish her song with the line” so just leave me alone”, some guys in the crowd promised “never” to do so.

At the end of the show she took a bunch of sunflowers to give out to the crowd and thanked everyone for “staying through it all” of her turbulent musical career.

Sunflowers and a sincerely happy Stone. The end to a night filled with peace, love and the madness of Joss Stone.

Joss Stone



Mon Jul 18; 20:00; Amager Bio, Cph S