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Who’s bossing it at Parken? The touts!

The Boss is coming to town! (photo: artist’s Facebook page)
June 17th, 2016 10:30 am| by David McQuilling

Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen
Wed 22 June, 20:00; Parken; SOLD OUT

When it comes to live music there are few names up there with Bruce Springsteen.

The man has been winning awards and selling out arenas globally since before your great-grandfather was born. He has also used his status to protest against everything from the Vietnam War to hillbillies’ toilet habits.

‘The Boss’ was born somewhere across the Atlantic in 1949, and already his music career spans well over 40 years. He is playing two Danish dates on ‘The River Tour’ and he’s bringing the E Street Band along for the ride.

The concert is expected to contain a mix of songs from Springsteen’s latest album, The River and a few renditions of his old classics.

Despite being of an age where he should be more likely to break a hip than break into the top 40, Springsteen is still going strong.

Don’t go in expecting 45 minutes of new material, a couple of classics and a hasty goodbye. A number of concerts on this tour have extended beyond the three-hour mark, which is an impressive feat for any musician, not least a 66-year-old.

There is no trailing off towards the end either. Somehow, Springsteen is still a bottomless pit of energy, capable of belting out an encore with the same ferocity as an opener.

Sold out long ago, check internet forums for tickets. Viagogo.com is a good bet if you don’t mind paying through the nose.