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CPH STAGE: ‘Hush!’ wraps serious issues in comic packaging

May 31, 17:00, June 1, 20:00; Teater V, Prøvehallen, Valby, 140kr

A comedy with a deadly-serious purpose (photo: Steve Loranze)
May 25th, 2017 1:00 pm| by Stephen Gadd

RaTaTam, Reykjavik’s 2017 Artistic Group of the Year, challenges audiences with a fascinating combination of serious issue wrapped in comic packaging.

The play is based on interviews with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and led to the idea that tough times call for both tears and laughter.

A healing function
The play has a healing function as well as being entertaining and thought-provoking.

The sets reference Louise Bourgeois’ work ‘Cells, portraying human pain and fear – sometimes home is a prison surrounded by invisible bars. The group use the stage as a platform to burst society’s bubbles. Hush! aims to break the deafening silence surrounding domestic violence.