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Filling the alleys with arias at the Opera Festival

“You could have at least given me a seat given I’m going to sing for five hours on this doomed boat” (photo:
July 22nd, 2017 9:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Three days longer than last year, a Swedish chamber version of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly will open the festival on July 30, and the easy nature will continue until August 9, as the festival continues to make newbies feel welcome at this summertime extravaganza.

The festival strives to find new spaces for the genre, inhabiting the urban landscape, spreading world-class arias across the streets, canals, transport routes and buildings of the city.

The festival pushes the boundaries of tradition, introducing innovation, new genres, fresh talent and initiatives that involve stellar international talents as well as established local institutions.

August 6 includes a four-hour program for kids at Ofelia Plads.

CPH Opera Festival

July 30-Aug 9; various venues; tickets at