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At Cinemas: Fright night will give you goosebumps

Although none can compare with the real-life horror in Malala’s story

Turning up at the wrong high school reunion in ‘Goosebumps’
October 29th, 2015 6:30 pm| by Mark Walker

Bond is back. Propelled toward Danish shores on a wave of enthusiastic UK press, Daniel Craig takes up the mantle for his fourth outing helmed once again by director Sam Mendes, who expertly rescued the flagging franchise with 2012’s Skyfall. Can lightning strike twice? Read this week’s review of Spectre.

Also at cinemas is Goosebumps, which is vying for the PG demographic this Halloween with a story of a teenager who teams up with the daughter of a horror writer after the author’s imaginary demons are set loose on the town of Madison, Delaware. The press has been middling.

Woman in Gold is based on true events and stars Helen Mirren as a Jewish octogenarian who fought the Austrian government in order to regain a family heirloom, a painting, plundered during WWII by Nazis. So far the film has had a lukewarm reception.

He Named Me Malala is a documentary about Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by Taliban militants for speaking out on girls’ education. The film follows the aftermath, including her speech to the United Nations.

Blodig Weekend, the increasingly popular annual horror festival, dominates much of Cinemaketet’s program this week with seminars on low-budget horror productions and screenings of classic films such as Society on Halloween evening (Saturday 19:00), with an introduction and Q & A session led by the film’s director Brian Yunza, and premieres such as Eli Roth’s Knock Knock (see

Sunday sees the start of a new season that takes a retrospective look at Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg’s game-changing DOGME ‘95 movement 20 years on with a debate panel at 12:00 featuring Lone Scherfig, Åke Sandgren, Thomas Krag and others. Following that there’s a screening of Italian for Beginners at 14:00. Many of the screenings feature English subtitles. For a full program see

Finally, rounding up your Halloween options is the obligatory screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Huset. Get your fish-nets on and give yourself over to absolute pleasure on Saturday at 20:00. (MW)