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A romantic Valentine’s warm-up with Jessie

A cold Wednesday evening chased the hippest couples in Copenhagen off the streets and into VEGA’s big concert hall

February 5th, 2015 6:31 pm| by admin

The London-born artist Jessie Ware  made the jump up from backup singing just a couple of years ago, and after last night's performance, I am so happy she did so. 

Vega has that historical elegance that only a venue built in the 1950s can have. And that paired exceptionally with Ware’s presence. Simple and elegant, she walked onto the stage as her band stood there jamming and got right into her signing. Three songs into the concert, she bid good evening to the city and the venue she has visited once before and, in her own words, “cracked on with the songs”.

While her voice offered unavoidable goosebumps, the sound wasn’t flattering. It didn’t do the service her performance deserved. Yet fast enough, Cruel as the sound might have been, she managed to shine into the Night Light …

Beside her incredible vocals, Jessie is an exceptional entertainer. She offered 110 percent and managed to Sweet Talk the public through her continuous engagement and her charming British humour. “Shed some light onto these beautiful people. My God, you’re a good looking crowd!” got everyone cheering and made the 1,500-place concert hall feel like a living room. We were all in it together. There was intimacy, there was a connection and there was a reaction.

Ending with 'Wildest Moments' and 'Say you love me' (written in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, another Brit hit this year), she made it quite clear that she wouldn’t do an encore. Because she thought it was silly (and I concur, kudos for not giving into the egomaniacal need for adulation) … and didn’t have enough material. Which left us wanting more … and looking forward to her next show.

Ware's presence and performance deserved six stars, but I'll go for five because I wasn't impressed by either the sound or the awkward opening act.

Jessie Ware


Vega, Wed Feb 4