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At cinemas: Stolen bikes, missing wifes and Keanu psyched

October 23rd, 2014 7:00 pm| by admin

Living and working in Copenhagen means that having your bicycle stolen is practically an occupational hazard.

People talk about bicycles here in the same way smokers talk about cigarette lighters – you put one down, you pick one up … This is the third time I’ve been on the receiving end of bicycle theft in seven years – the only difference being that this time I arrived downstairs, key in hand, only to find my locked bicycle had disappeared from my own backyard.

Which I suppose is how Ben Affleck felt when he discovered Rosamund Pike wasn’t where he’d left her in this week’s big release, Gone Girl. It’s the latest thriller from Fight Club director David Fincher and reviewed this issue.
Also on general release is As Above, So Below – a horror set in the catacomb network underneath Paris. It joins Dracula Untold and Annabelle in the run-up to Halloween.

There’s also My Old Lady, a dramedy starring Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline – incidentally also set in Paris – which has thus far received lukewarm reviews.

However, word is good on Keanu Reeves in the title role of what looks to be a return to Matrix-form in the high-octane actioner John Wick, which is opening on Friday at CinemaxX and Palads.

Over at Cinemateket, there’s a great series of Tunisian cinema and, like the rest of the films in the monthly program, many have English subtitles.

This weekend, ‘Danish on a Sunday’ – the bi-monthly screenings of Danish films with English subs – presents Blood Ties, a film nominated for best documentary at this year’s Bodil awards.

The film follows a flock of 16 siblings and explores their familial dysfunctions. The film starts at 14.15 and an extra 40kr will get you coffee and a pastry.

Huset has cooked up two cult classics this weekend with Bladerunner: The Final Cut screening on Friday and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday, followed by a Mexican film on Monday evening called Santo Versus The She-wolves

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