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The woman behind ‘The Danish Girl’

Explore the colourful world of Gerda Wegener

(Photo by Morten Pors)
November 4th, 2015 7:00 am| by Luisa Kyca

Big pictures in powder-puff colours showing blood-red lips and beautiful women on canvas. You’d think that was nothing new, but in the 1920s it was.

Arken welcomes real French avant-garde this November in an exhibition showing an extensive selection of Danish artist Gerda Wegener’s works.
Wegener was one of the pioneers on France’s art scene for painting female figures in seductive poses and colours.

And her home-life was pretty exceptional as well. As the wife of Einar Wegener, one of the first ever people to undergo a sex-change operation, she went through a difficult period supporting him in his desire to become a woman.

At the same time he was her favourite model and muse – most of the pictures actually show him dressed up as a woman.

Arken takes a new look at Wegener’s works and tells the story of an unusual love affair between the painter and the model – all the transitional and difficult phases they went through – all captured in beautiful images.

Wegener never received much acknowledgement in her home country, so Arken is seeking to change that with this exhibition to give her credit for her work and life.

Then again, it is timed to open just ahead of the huge amount of interest that will follow the 27 November opening of the film in the US and to continue long after the last gong has been awarded at the late-February Oscars.