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What dragged you away from your home in 2013 | Top Anglo event

In the next couple of days, the InOut team pay tribute to the performances, shows and events
that have impressed them the most over the last 12 months.

January 6th, 2014 3:38 pm| by admin

1. Saint Patrick’s three-legged race
As deeply rooted in the city’s calendar as the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, Family Kelleher were at hand once again to ensure – with the help of the city’s Irish pubs The Globe, the Dubliner, Kennedy’s, and the Shamrock Inn – another memorabler occasion. Irish, legless and leg-tied, and proud. 

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2. CPH Anglo Comedy Festival
Fair play to the organisers of this new April festival for making it happen. Some big names, among them Tony Law from Britain, ensured the laughter never ceased.

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3. St Alban’s Fete 
If ever there’s an event that will take you back to Blighty in the blink of an eye, it’s the St Alban’s church fete in August in Churchillparken where the best of British gather to enjoy creamed teas, show their knobbly knees and shoot the breeze. Oh, and it has the best bookstore in town.  

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4. Burns Night at the Dubliner
Nothing lifts the winter gloom of late January like Burns Night, and the Dubliner’s event, which is quickly becoming a city institution, had them dancing on the tables again. Scotland forever!

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5. Red Lion opening
The city’s only traditional English pub got February off to a bang with a relaunch to celebrate its renaming. Sadly though, the jubilation was short-lived as the pub, formerly known as Sankt Nikolai Restaurant, was forced to shut down in August. It was a valiant effort while it lasted (including two memorable St George’s Day celebrations and even a St David’s one), but in the end it proved that businesses aimed directly at internationals (like Abigail’s, the food shop, which is now purely online) tend to fail. Who’s next?

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