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Bringing a world of music to your doorstep

The Copenhagen World Music Festival doesn’t aim low. The plan is to bring the music of the world to the city while they ambitiously hope to introduce the cultures of the world to the audience.

August 29th, 2013 11:55 am| by admin

The programme is actually quite promising, featuring lots of different genres, including reggae, folk and klezmer. In total over 100 different acts will be performing in different parts of the city, including Refshaleøen, Nørrebro and Frederiksberg.



Rêve Boheme

The best way to describe Rêve Boheme is the way you feel when they play. You can’t help but smile and you start to ponder if maybe you were adopted and there is a lot more gypsy in you than you thought. Rêve Boheme has a way of mixing different genres into something recognisable yet unique, which never becomes monotonous like gypsy music can be prone to being. With a repertoire that includes European String Swing, the American jazz tradition and some numbers inspired by the late French guitarist Django Reinhard, you can look forward to this concert like an invitation to join Johnny Deep and his crew on the boat in the film Chocolat.

Bartof Café, Nordre Fasanvej 46, Frederiksberg; Thu (Aug 29) 21:00; tickets: 60kr

Mames Babegenush feat Lasse Herbst

Mames Babegenush play klezmer music and are a great live band. They manage to make the music accessible yet still exotic, and they make sure their music and tempo interact with the audience – so you completely lose yourself on the dancefloor. It is has to be experienced – and where better than at Stengade.

Spillestedet Stengade, Stengade 18, Cph N; Sat 23:00; tickets: 70 kr


Allo Alaev

Watching Allo Alaev is a bit like watching Tajikistan enter Eurovision. Perhaps slightly less choreographed, but definitely unusual, you can’t help be smitten by this active granddad. Though, unlike some of the entries, Allo has raised a talented family of musicians – so enjoy the mix of rhythmic music from Tajikistan with the Jewish music of Buchara.

Global, Nørre Allé 7, Cph N; Fri 22:00; tickets 70kr


Ash Plant

If you miss Ireland and want to be taken back for an evening, this is the concert to go to. Although, in all fairness, while their merry folk music will cure your homesickness, Ash Plant with Paddy Lawless on violin have more than enough musical accomplishment to recommend them. And don’t forget the Irish beer and good company.

Bartof Café; Fri 21:00; tickets: 70kr


Scandinavia Reggae Festival

Between the 60 different bands, there is a great selection. Look out for British reggae band Bush Chemist who successfully mix reggae with a sort of digital dub. And Alborosie, who present a lyrically-strong, Italian-Jamaican version of reggae, which is best illustrated in the singles ‘Rastafari Anthem’ and ‘Call Up Jah’.

Refshaleøen, starts Fri, ends Sat; one-day tickets 450kr, two days: 770kr


Copenhagen World Music Festival
Various venues; started Wed (Aug 28), ends Sun;