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Mid-June music: The bass-baritone from Britain via Budapest

George Ezra’s coming to Copenhagen (photo: Chris)
June 13th, 2015 1:00 pm| by Jenna Kleinwort

George Ezra
Mon 15 June, 21:00; Store Vega; 200kr
British singer-songwriter George Ezra rose to fame in the summer of 2014 with his song ‘Budapest’ from the album Wanted on Voyage, which jumped straight to the top of the hit lists in several countries.

The bass-baritone voice of the only 21-year-old artist, which has been described as a fusion of folk, blues and rock, is powerful and far beyond his years.

Having supported Sam Smith on tour before, Ezra is now on his own tour with support act Rhodes, although Bob Dylan, his big inspiration, is probably there in presence.Check forums for tickets, as this concert has sold out.

Jackson Browne
Thu June 18, 20:00; BETA; 495kr
American rock and folk singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, 66, has been in the business for five decades, but he is not tired of performing just yet. He released a new album in 2014.

Eric Reed+ Petri+ Svenson
June 19-20, 20:00; Jazzhus Montmartre; 250kr
Renowned American pianist Eric Reed comes to Montmartre to mentor two Danish aspiring jazz musicians, Matthias Petri and Andreas Svendsen, in these two promising live sessions.