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About Town: Shakespeare unplugged and let loose!

(all photos: Hasse Ferrold)
February 27th, 2016 7:00 am| by TheCopenhagenPost

That Theatre enjoyed a successful repremiere of its play ‘Shakespeare Unplugged’ last week on Wednesday.


Its lead player Ian Burns (in black wig) was understandably pleased with a performance that brought new meaning to Hamlet’s line “To bee or not to bee” – with co-star Andrew Jeffers alluding to “Is this a dagger I see before thee”, Burns doing “Alas poor Yorick”, and director Barry McKenna (right) … what is that exactly?

From left: Ian Burns, Andrew Jeffers, Vivien Life

The team presented British ambassador Vivien Life with the chance to fire some arrows. For more details, check out cphpost.dk.