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Theatre Review of CTC’s Topsy-Turvy Tales

An evening of surprises beckons at Krudttønden

You can never go wrong with Becket, or so he thought … (photo: Marco Zamarin)
October 3rd, 2016 5:30 pm| by David Gomes

‘The Actor’s Nightmare’ plays on your expectations of what theatre is.

It will make you laugh, but you can’t help but feel that it also laughs at you. It leaves you defenceless and invites you to enjoy the ride – this isn’t a place for questions, it’s a place for art and comedy!

A majestic dive into the world of the absurd – how could it not, when Becket is involved? – and it keeps you entertained will all kinds of acting: drama, comedy, period acting and so on (let us not spoil all the surprises). It sets up a universe hanging on the hinges of fiction and reality, and theatre-lovers will no doubt enjoy the references to the classics.

The main character finds himself in and out of many different plays, constantly struggling to improvise, so as to not let the awkward silences set in.

The actors do a great job of making every scene feel genuine, gripping and comedic – you will be left laughing at the outrageous setting of the play.

After all, who would have thought that an actor’s nightmare could be so funny?

From nightmare to dreamland
‘#Wonderland’ is a play that will delight the hashtag generation, as the title suggests.

Featuring countless pop culture references and internet memes to spice up the already crazy world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, you might find that some of the jokes fall flat – yes, everyone knows the American elections are a circus show.

Regardless, the charming and absurd world that Lewis Carroll built is present in every scene, and the actors do an extraordinary job of keeping everyone – young and adults alike – laughing with their performance.

In true vaudevillian style, the scenes flow in and out of each other at a good pace, and you’re left eager to see what other ridiculous surprises remain in store for you.

The Mad Hatter himself (photo: Marco Zamarin)
The Cheshire Cat (photo: Marco Zamarin)




Topsy-Turvy Tales

The Actor’s Nightmare


ends Oct 8, performances Tue-Fri 20:00; Sat & Sun 17:00; Krudttønden, Cph Ø; 140kr,