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Preview of Paolo Russo concert: An onstage humanity that can’t be found anywhere else

In Russo’s hands, the bandoneon is betwitching
September 25th, 2019 10:54 am| by Roselyne Min

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, the acclaimed Copenhagen-based, Italian bandoneon player Paolo Russo is celebrating with a carefully curated selection of fellow international musicians at two concerts on September 27 and 28. It promises to be quite a party.

The concert is fittingly entitled ‘Cinquanta’ – the Italian word for 50 – and Russo is choosing to celebrate in the country he has spent the last 23 years of his life, where he will grace Jazzhus Montmartre.

Nordic and Italian synergies
Entering into the musical universe of Paolo Russo is quite the journey. He has somehow managed to take the rough inclines of the Nordic landscape and merge them with an Italian passion bristling with originality.

His musical skills are broad, encompassing the piano as well as the bandoneon, and he he has written copious compositions for both.

Quite the line-up
Celebrated in many countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan and Thailand, his wide travels have brought into contact with lots of different musicians, and he is inviting six of them to what is more than a birthday celebration; it’s a reunion.

While Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk and Italian drummer Marcello Di Leonardo will be on stage both days, British trumpeter Gerard Presencer and Italian clarinetist Nico Gori will perform on Friday, and Danish violinist Bjarke Falgren and Swedish accordionist Lelo Nika will take part on Saturday.

Spirit-elevating performance
“There’s a humanity one gains through a live performance that can’t be found anywhere else,” Russo told CPH POST back in 2013 … and nothing has changed since then.

With a passion that can never be extinguished, the great man is guaranteed to give another spirit-elevating performance loaded with improvisation, revisiting the milestones of a musical journey on which he has released 14 albums.

Say it together: Ha cinquant’anni! And he is still scintillating.


Sep 27-28, 20:00; Jazzhus Montmatre, Store Regnegade 19A, Cph K; 320kr,