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Q&A with Dennis Lloyd: Never mind the genre, a cool beat is all you need!

November 19th, 2019 10:52 am| by Eric Maganga

Tel Aviv musician Dennis Lloyd’s career took off with his smash 2016 single ‘Nevermind’. It has over half a billion streams and counting.

We caught up with him ahead of his upcoming Copenhagen show to get to know him a little better.

Dennis will be playing at DR Koncerthuset on November 26 at 20:00.

What genre would you say that you’re in?
When people ask me for my genre, I always give the same answer which is genre-less. I’ve done probably all types of genres of music. I don’t think there’s a specific box where I fit.

What’s your songwriting process like?
Usually I start with the melody, the production – if I find a cool beat, a cool sample I can use. Or a cool progression. I start the melody then come up with lyrics – all together. And yeah, once I finish writing the song, I start recording it and producing it. That’s how I always make music.

How did you develop such a distinctive voice?
I started singing when I was 13 – but I was kind of shy til I was 18. And that’s the first time I opened my mouth and started singing out-loud.

How can live music add to the effect of a song?
Because I come from a jazz background and I play the trumpet, my live set-up is a drummer and a saxophone player. Me and the saxophone player are kind of jamming through the songs. We each have a solo; we’ve known and played music together for over 10 years – you can really sense the chemistry between us. We are more old school – we mix the future and the past.

Anything you are most looking forward to for your Copenhagen show?
I’ve been to Copenhagen once with my family. I really like the city; I can’t wait to play there.


Eric Maganga

Eric, who holds a master’s degree in communication and English, has a multi-cultural background having grown up in the international school system in Denmark. Eric is a passionate poet and an up-and-coming playwright who has participated in the last two Copenhagen Theatre Circle ‘Fringe Festivals’. Find out more at Eric’s website and Instagram page.