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Roskilde 2019: Cardi B’s sexy show runs out of steam


We guess she was wearing a cardie? (photo: Cardi B Facebook page)
July 4th, 2019 3:30 pm| by Eric Maganga

It started off with high energy. Mixing in her already strong catalogue of solo songs and features, Cardi B energised the Roskilde crowd.

But then it was as if she couldn’t keep up the energy that made the start of her show so great and connected with the audience so deeply.

First there was a marked dip, and then it just ended. On a night of sexual undertones, it was a limp ending.

Stripped down
Cardi B, as we know, is unapologetic about her past profession as a stripper. And she brought all the sexy swagger to the stage that she is known for.

After all the fears she would cancel, the audience were just delighted that she was there. And to start the show, boy was she worth the wait.

As well as some consummate rapping, she pulled out all the dance moves. But then it started to drag: after all, the music was why the audience came, and there simply wasn’t enough of it.

Short and sweet?
The show was short and ended abruptly. Cardi has appeared to run out of gas a good 15 minutes earlier. Complaining she was cold in her scantily-clad outfit, she certainly cooled down after her hot start.

Cardi B is conquering the hip-hop world right now, and last night provided a flash of her potential as a live performer and also revealed she has a few things to learn.

All in all, the audience were delighted to get the chance to experience her live. Just seeing her up close and personal when she is on top of her rap game was an experience. Although she could improve her consistency in terms of vocal delivery and stay on that stage a little longer, she came out with an energy true to her superstar status.