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The Mancs are back in town!

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August 31st, 2015 7:00 am| by Ella Navarro

The Mancunions are in town! The Charlatans have been rocking our world for 26 years and they’re on their way to Amager Bio with their brand new tunes.

This January they released their 12th album, Modern Nature, the first recorded since the death of drummer Jon Brookes from brain cancer. In part it is in honour of their friend and the pain they went through after his death.

Lead singer Tim Burgess told Digitalspy in an interview: “This whole album was about the four of us being together and getting over what we had to get over, and out of that bringing something really, really beautiful.”

The album enlists several contributors, including Pete Salisbury from The Verve, and reached number 7 in its first week of release in the UK album charts. The songs, which include muted horns, jazzy keys and an electronic fizz, have an altogether chilled vibe.

The Charlies have certainly undergone some changes over the years (keyboardist Rob Collins was killed in 1996 in a car crash), and today the alternative indie rock band consists of Burgess, guitarist Mark Collins, bassist Martin Blunt and keyboardist Tony Rogers.

Prepare to dance to those old tunes you listened to as a kid and some new ones – ‘Let The Good Times Be Never Ending’ is one of the best tracks of 2015.

While who can resist the likes of ‘Just lookin’’ (1995), ‘Then’ (1990), ‘Love is the key’ (2001), ‘I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever to Get There’ (1994) and their first hit, ‘The Only One I Know’ (1990)?

The Charlatans

Sep 2, 19:00; Amager Bio; 250kr