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Advertise with us

The Copenhagen Post is the only English-language newspaper in Denmark reporting Danish news.

With over 380,000 people of non-Danish origin residing in Denmark, and the current transformation of the Copenhagen region into a major European business centre, as well as the ever-increasing number of tourists and business travellers in our area, our circulation is constantly growing.

The Copenhagen Post, via its printed edition, this website, and alliances with Wonderful Copenhagen, the Foreign Ministry, Copenhagen Airport, hotels, embassies, schools and other organisations, reaches over 60,000 readers with every weekly edition.

For all advertising enquiries, please contact our advertising department:

Hans Hermansen, Sales and Marketing Director  +45 2420 2411

Tila Christiansen, Key Account Manager+45 6066 0668

John Jensen,      Sales Consultant Visit Post +45 2162 9622   


Reception telephone: +45 3161 2300                            

We are happy to offer you competitive prices on a variety of print and online advertising options. Please contact us today for further details.

If you are interested in placing a classified text ad, you can begin the process by sending an email to sales@cphpost.dk that contains the text for you advertisement. Text ads cost a minimum of 360,00 DKK + VAT including 30 words. Additional words cost 12 DKK +VAT pr. word and require prepayment via bank transfer before the ad can publish.