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Language instructions – Cultural coaching

Are you a foreigner in Copenhagen? Do you need to improve your social skills/interaction? Danish novelist with masters in English and quarter century experience in teaching Danish / English offers personal time- flexible instruction.

Contact or phone 3322 6021

No, not only is this your problem, but you created it (photo: istock)
Straight up: The EU in denial
  The EU foreign ministers are in denial. After 900 migrants perish...
Look at that body! Results are showing up
Flex With Becks-Week 8 : No more spinning around cuz I like it like this
This week’s featured workout is for those with a very busy schedule like ...
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Fashion Jam: Consumers need to play their part in sustainable fashion
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Herlufsholm looks back at educating the elite for 450 years (photo: Martin Joergensen)
Today’s Date: School’s foundation
  On this day 450 years ago, the famous boarding school Herlufsholm...
Refugees coming in enormous amounts through the Mediterranean (photo: istock)
A blessing in disguise
  It is slowly dawning on the political elite that refugees are on ...
Light ahead for cycling infrastructure (photo: iStock)
Quarter of a billion kroner assigned to transport infrastructure
After reaching a consensus with Socialistisk Folkeparti, Enhedslisten and D...