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Out & About • Byen it and they will come: International event a huge success!

And it was a great day for the whole family too (all photos: Klaus Holsting)
October 12th, 2019 5:00 pm| by Helene Orban

Seriously, nobody expected it to be so busy, and over the first hour it is true that the workers on the 70-plus stands at International Citizen Day at DGI-byen on September 21 mingled amongst each other and probably feared the worst. But then the deluge happened as tens, and then hundreds, and finally thousands descended on the venue to source information on housing, careers, setting up a business, tax, hobbies, sports and more. “It was non-stop … no breaks for four hours,” observed some of the participants, and the smiles on their faces said it all

At the Living Library, visitors to the fair could get 15 minutes alone time with an expert to talk to them about being an expat in Denmark … and so much more. CPH POST columnist Thomas Mulhern, the CEO of Globally Local, was among those taking part
Adjoining the main hall, there was room for hundreds to sit and listen to a long line-up of speakers. Among them was American Chamber of Commerce president Stephen Brugger
Among the happy audience was Copenhagen Relocations managing owner Michèle Bramstoft (right), taking a minute from the huge rush at her stand no doubt
There were many organisations present who were keen to tell the internationals in attendance how they could help them. Line Rauff, a recruitment consultant at Work in Denmark, advised her audience how to get off to a good start in their job search by getting to know the Danish workplace culture.
Mahak Laursen, the team co-ordinator for international projects at Københavns Erhvervshus (Business House Copenhagen), faced a siege of internationals keen to find out more about the career courses and programs available to spouses and students