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Out & About: Easter fun at International House Copenhagen

(all photos: Tanya Vinogradova)
May 11th, 2019 8:00 am| by Dave Smith

The first rule of Christmas in Denmark is that you don’t buy decorations. But did you know the same is true of Easter?

Walk into any home during the build-up to the big day (which most people call Lent …) and you’ll find carefully cut-out, decorative paper displays.

One tradition, the gækkebrev, involves sending somebody such a decoration in the post along with a poem and the number of letters in their name, and if the recipient fails to identify you as the sender, they have to buy you an egg.

Anyhow, all this might help explain why International House Copenhagen held an event entitled ‘Easter Fun – Gæk gæk gæk’ on April 14.

Many families turned up to learn more and practise the art of meticulously cutting holes in paper for stunning visual effect.

Overseeing the volunteers, without whose help these events would not be possible, was IHC co-ordinator Louise Simone Seest (right: second right).