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Out & About: In the land of Mulan miracles really can come true

(all photos: SceneKunst)
June 15th, 2019 6:00 am| by Dave Smith

The musical theatre establishment SceneKunst – which teaches singing, dancing and acting to youngsters at 22 schools in Hellerup, Lyngby, Roskilde, Sydyksten, Østerbro and now Vesterbro – is in the midst of its year-end performances at MusikTeatret Albertslund.

The play of choice for 2019 is ‘Mulan’, the story of a courageous girl who cuts her hair off and joins the Chinese military instead of her father, which was made into a Disney film in 1998.

For SceneKunst, now in its 11th year of existence after being co-founded by British expat Russell Collins and his wife Christina Anthony, this was their biggest challenge yet.

Mulan is set in China approximately around the time of Christ, and SceneKunst didn’t hold back on the costumes – dressing hundreds of children in silk robes.

And it gets even more complicated when you consider that they’re staging the play in both Danish and English, as SceneKunst has international schools in Hellerup, Østerbro and soon Vesterbro.

SceneKunst is holding a free trial day at its new international school in Vesterbro on August 17 – visit scenekunstskoler.dk to find out more.