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Out and About: And they came ‘By Night’

International House Copenhagen was signaled out for praise
February 21st, 2016 7:00 am| by Daniel Deleuran

For seven days in early February, internationals and students (bottom left) were invited to take advantage of seven evening openings at International House Copenhagen courtesy of the International Citizen Service.

‘By Night’ enabled the visitors to take care of their logistical needs outside normal opening hours, whether it was getting a CPR number or learning about education opportunities. Not only that, but it was also a great opportunity to meet like-minded internationals.

The heroes of the night were the hard-working International House employees (left-right in photo) Jeppe Hansen Jakobsen, Alev Vural and Jonas Kongstad Østergård, who were ably assisted by volunteers like Monica Lacatusu.

The invitees were busy smiling, socialising, and getting their work done as they crowded themselves into the popular event.

Vural summed it up best when she said: “It can be a bit boring spending long periods of time in the waiting room on a regular day, but this way no time is wasted.”