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Out and About: Where once mighty nations lose to mickey mouse pub teams

The victors were Happy Feet
September 20th, 2019 5:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Kløvermarken playing fields were the scene for the Copenhagen Celtic Summer Party on Saturday August 3 where 12 teams gathered to contest the popular annual tournament in splendid sunshine.

Two valiant servants of the club, Jon Treacher and Chris Pilbeam (centre and right, with Ton Baks), were once again the stars of the show.

When we say servants, they didn’t personally dress the players, but they did pretty much everything else required of the hosts: pitch their tents, assemble their benches, supply bucket-loads of ice on what was a hot day, ref their games and keep their scores – which with the number of beers the teams put away was probably the most important job.

The most sober team in the end proved to be Happy Feet (bottom, centre left), so it was fitting that the club’s most drunk member, Coogan, presented them with their prize (green), after they beat Ireland in an exciting final watched by pretty much everyone.

Overall in weather like that, it was hard not to have fun with the Globe

and the Rest of the World team were also in fine spirits.

Steve from the Dubliner team (wrong shirt!) was keen to show off a newly acquired war wound to Simon, the manager of The Globe, who defeated England to avoid the wooden spoon – oh England, how low have you stooped that you’re losing to mickey mouse pub teams.

And finally, COP POST editor Ben (right) insists he was coerced into taking his first ever selfie with a guy he had only just met, Romania’s Robert ‘Popi Popi’ Peres. Talk about popping your cherry.