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Three-legged invasion hurtling through Irish pubs

March 17th, 2015 4:33 pm| by Christian W

The celebrations of St Patrick’s Day started this afternoon in typically merry fashion with the 14th annual Three-Legged Race.

Over 300 people crowded into Axeltorv in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro, dressed in a vast array of imaginative green clothing, drinking ice-cold ‘green’ beer and celebrating Ireland’s favourite holiday in honour of Saint Patrick.

The race, which began at 2.30pm, was an obvious hit with the public.

‘It’s a very mixed crowd today. We usually get people from about 25 different nationalities: Danes, Swedes, Australians, Irish. This year, I would say the Irish are the minority!” jokes the race founder and organiser, Siobhán Kelleher (left in green).

Meanwhile, race participants were busy downing Guinness and Carlsberg in eager anticipation of the race ahead of them.

Scott, Lotte and Ian (pictured above) all agree that Copenhagen’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations are hard to beat.

“It’s better here than in Dublin. Here, it’s fun and it’s chilled – and you don’t have to deal with thousands of drunken teenagers spoiling the celebrations,” says Ian from Ireland (far left).