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Quiz: Brian’s Brainteaser in association with the Globe Quiz

Win entry for a team of five to the Globe Quiz on July 27 plus a pitcher of Carlsberg

Do you have what it takes to guess Brian’s quiz? (photo: istock)
July 25th, 2017 6:00 am| by Ben Hamilton

Brian’s Brainteaser in association with the Globe Irish Pub in Copenhagen is back, or at least for a special summer instalment to give you something to ponder while you’re away from the office.

Identify what the clues in each question (below) have in common, and then deduce the link between your five answers to solve Brian’s Brainteaser.

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Trivia this Thursday
The first correct submission sent to ben@cphpost.dk will win free entry for a team of five to the Globe quiz on Thursday July 27, plus a pitcher of Carlsberg.

Look out for the answers in the week beginning July 31.

Good Luck!

Entry to the Globe Quiz costs 30 kroner per person, with a maximum of five in a team. The quiz consists of three rounds of 15 questions each.

First prize is 1,000 kroner, second prize 500 kroner and third prize a crate of beer.

There are also bonus questions at the end of each round – two chances to win a round of drinks for the entire team, and a rollover question currently standing at 4,000 kroner – and a raffle.

The Globe Quiz officially starts at 19:30, but it’s advised you get there early (like 18:00-18:30) to ensure you get a table.

Brian's Brainteaser (with answer in bold)

What links …

Thomas Brolin
Frank Rijkaard
Jean Pierre Papin

They all scored against Denmark at Euro 1992

Arethra Franklin
Sandra Bullock
Evel Knievel
BA Baracus

They are all afraid of flying particularly Mr T

Xenia Onatopp
Colonel Tom Parker

Dutch (the actresses in the case of the characters from ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Goldeneye’ and the softcore porn series; and yes, Elvis Presley’s manager!) 

Sean Penn
Nira Park
Joy Beverley

Have all had a partner called Wright: Robin Wright, Wilbur Wright, director Edgar Wright and footballer Billy Wright

Madeira Airport
Belfast City Airport
29986 Shunsuke
Bobby Beale

They have all been renamed or named after footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo, George Best, planet named after Japanese player, Eastenders character named after Bobby Moore

6/ The answers to the first five questions

He scored against Denmark at Euro 1992, is afraid of flying, is Dutch, was a long-time strike partner of Arsenal’s Ian Wright, and was named after Denis Law:

Dennis Bergkamp

Congratulations to David Miller on correctly answering Brian’s Brainteaser.

Send your answer to question 6 to ben@cphpost.dk.