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Create your own: you will need to use your noodle!

December 4th, 2012 11:55 am| by admin

To call Nordic Noodle a restaurant is a stretch. Seating no more than 14 on a good day, this new addition to Nørrebrogade is more hipster hole-in-the-wall than formal sit-down restaurant.

With a large logo that comprises a fork and a chopstick intersecting on a clock dial, one may be inclined to think that Nordic Noodle is advertising it offers a wide range of dining utensils. And whilst it does, its logo is actually saying much more about its concept.

Combining the inspiration of Asian wok fried food and Nordic Danish vegetables like cabbage and carrots, Nordic Noodle is a fusion of these two distinct cultures. Offering quick, healthy, tasty and, above all, super affordable food is this place’s draw card.

Paying tribute to its cultural backbone, the interior is a melting pot of two cultures. From the outside it’s easy to miss due to its minimalist signage amongst the plethora that crowds Nørrebrogade.

Once inside, despite its signature Scandinavian approach to design (think stark minimalism), the raw boards and exposed brick décor provide a welcoming hip and rustic atmosphere. The tiny tables are exposed split-tree trunks, while the open kitchen will warm patrons even on the coldest of days, as they watch their meals being prepared over the open fire.  

There are not many places where you can enjoy a healthy and fresh meal for the same cost as a pizza or kebab, but this is where Nordic Noodle is making its mark. Explaining the concept themselves, they said: “We want to give our customers a fast, healthy and individual dining experience. Our three-step menu gives you the freedom of putting together an individualised meal to either enjoy it in the restaurant or as a takeaway.”

The menu is so stupidly simple that one almost wonders why the concept hasn’t really caught on before. You begin by choosing your base, before adding optional ingredients, and end by picking a sauce − simple as that.

There are three basics to choose from − rice noodles, egg noodles, or wholegrain rice − and all three come standard with fresh cabbages, carrots, bean sprouts, eggs, and topped with fresh herbs. Tasty enough to be enjoyed on their own (you’d need a sauce though), we felt like treating ourselves, and accordingly added some optional ingredients.   

For protein, there is the option of chicken, beef or tiger prawns. For vegetarians or those just looking to try and get in their daily five, there is the choice of adding broccoli, mushrooms, onion, leek, fresh chilli, peanuts, organic potatoes, pineapple, mixed bell peppers, or bamboo shoots. And for the sauces, there are six options: gluten free soya, teriyaki, sweet chili, hot chili, panang curry, or Nordic oyster.

During our visit we chose, or rather designed, three dishes. The first was rice noodles, with tiger prawns, onion, bamboo and mushrooms, and penang curry sauce. For our second dish we decided to combine egg noodles, chicken, broccoli, fresh chilli and a sweet chilli sauce. Deciding on our third was difficult due to all the delicious smelling dishes others were eating, but after much discussion the order was placed for wholegrain rice, with beef, broccoli, mushrooms, and teriyaki sauce.

After no more than a 15-minute wait, our amazing smelling dishes were in front of us. Quick cooking at high temperatures retains the natural colour, vitamins, and nutrients, while fresh Nordic ingredients and a little oil are key to serving a fast and healthy meal. As we tucked into our dishes, all I could really think was: God damn, were they good.

Not usually a fan of taking the lord’s name in vain, there really is no other way to describe how tasty the food is. The noodles and meat melted in the mouth. The tiger prawns were a particular stand-out for their size and juicy texture. All in all, every mouthful was a true taste sensation.

With queues a common thing at Nordic Noodle, you may just be inclined to go for a pizza instead, but don’t! This place really is fantastic, as is the relationship between price and quality.

Nordic Noodle
Nørrebrogade 29, Cph N;
3535 4000
Open: Mon-Fri 11:30-21:00,
Sat-Sun 15:00-21:00
Cuisine: Asian/Danish
Top Dish: Tiger Prawns
Price Range: 40-60kr per dish