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Danish bus agency removes ads opposing Israeli settlements

Movia deemed the campaign as “unnecessarily offensive”

The advertisements have caused controversy (photo: GazaYBO)
May 4th, 2015 4:42 pm| by Rebecca Adams

Transport operator Movia last week ordered the immediate removal of controversial advertisements on its buses after receiving between 75 and 100 complaints from the public.

The ads, part of a campaign by the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association run on 35 buses, featured two women next to text reading “Our conscience is clean. We neither buy products from the Israeli settlements nor invest in the occupation industry.”

The campaign, which started on 27 April, called for the labelling of Israeli goods from the West Bank.

Association angry
The organisation have expressed anger on their Facebook page against Movia, stating in a post: “Our Danish government agrees with us that the settlements are illegal and that all products from these settlements should be labelled so that consumers can choose whether to buy them or not!”

Movia told Associated Press the ads were “unnecessarily offensive”.