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Denmark to open its first ever youth island

As long as it doesn’t go down the ‘Lord of the Flies’ route, we’ll all be happy (for the peace and quiet back home, of course)

Mr Bond, we have been expecting you (all photos: Ungdomsøen)
August 21st, 2019 3:24 pm| by Ben Hamilton

‘Five go to Kirren Island’, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’, ‘Where the Wild Things Go’ – there’s something magical about the combination of children and islands. It doesn’t always have to end up like ‘The Lord of the Flies’ or with Brooke Shields getting pregnant.

And now Denmark is dedicating its first ever island to young people. From Saturday August 24, the 50,000 sqm artificial island of Flakfortet, which is located off the east coast of Denmark in the Øresund Strait just 6 km from Copenhagen, will become officially known as Ungdomsøen (youth island).

By 2023, the island’s owner, the national scout organisation Det Danske Spejderkorps, is hopeful that every other youth in Denmark – those aged 15-25 –will be aware of its existence, and that 100,000 of them will have visited it in the past year.

Lots of events
Following a 25 million euro renovation, Det Danske Spejderkorps claims the island is the world’s largest artificially landscaped island.

Some 1,000 volunteers will help organise activities, workshops, social events, courses, concerts and activities such as adventure races, debates and rappelling.

Its vision is to make young people more engaged in taking social responsibility in their communities.

Healthy framework
“We are very much in favour of the youth island having no adult intervention,” revealed Ungdomsøen head Dea Forchhammer.

“We have a golden egg in our hands. We intend to work purposefully for young people across all ages, demographics and interests to set up a healthy framework.”


– The island was originally built in 1916 for the military to use as a rocket base, it formed part of the sea defences of Copenhagen together with the fortified islands of Middelgrundsfortet and Trekronerfortet.

– In 1968 the island was sold into private ownership, and its last occupant was the Swedish company Malmökranen AB, which renovated it in 2001 and used it to host team-building events until 2015.

– With support from the Nordea and AP Møller Maersk foundations, Det Danske Spejderkorps paid 20 million kroner to buy the island in 2015.

– Ungdomsøen has room to accommodate 400 people to sleep outdoors

– Princess Benedikte and the culture minister, Joy Mogensen, are among the patrons.

Tickets to the opening can be acquired here.