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DI Energy optimistic about COP21: Denmark stands to earn billions

Denmark’s energy sector could see a 60 billion kroner increase in revenue by 2030.

Definitely something to get excited about (photo: COP Paris/Flickr)
April 24th, 2016 9:56 pm| by Shifa Rahaman

171 UN member states convened in New York on Friday to formally sign the COP21 agreement into action – and according to Danish business conglomerate DI Energy, Denmark stands to earn billions.

More turbines, more biogas
DR reports that according to Troels Ranis, a branch head at DI Energy, the ambitious climate agreement will most probably lead to an increase in the demand for Danish wind turbines and biogas plants.

We will hopefully cement the agreement in the form of increased exports of Danish energy technology. It will not be without bumps in the road, and the competition will be tougher, but I’m pretty confident about the future,” he said.

“We must now carefully look where our markets and opportunities lie.”

Big business
According to figures from DI Energy, Denmark earned 74.4 billion kroner in 2014 as a result of exporting its energy technology – 12% of total Danish exports that year.

And according to the company, this number is only set to grow. They predict demand for Danish green tech will lead to an increase of 60 billion kroner in revenues by 2030.