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Fewer burglaries in Copenhagen

Joint efforts by police and citizens slowing down burglars

Fewer residents are coming home to this unpleasant welcome (photo: Unsplash)
February 15th, 2016 8:21 am| by Ray W

The number of burglaries in and around Copenhagen has dropped significantly since peaking in 2009. Last year, 11,196 residents reported that someone had broken into their home – down 30 percent from 2009.

Police said that capital dwellers have been working with them to help discourage home break-ins.

“Citizens have been better at locking doors and windows and making sure that areas around their homes are well-lit,” Henrik Framvig from Rigspolitiets Nationale Forebyggelsescenter, the national police force’s crime prevention centre, told DR Nyhder.

Eyes on the street
Hans Peter De Place Hansen from national crime prevention council Det Kriminalpræventive Råd said that residents are doing a better job at looking out for one another, and that the number of people participating in neighbourhood watch programs has risen to nearly 40,000.

“The fact that we are keeping an eye on each other’s homes means there is always someone at home,” said Hansen.

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Police are also focusing on ways to make it tougher for crooks to sell stolen goods.