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McDonald’s in Denmark adding digital counter help

Self-service terminals will cut employees at fast food restaurants

“I can order myself three Big Macs and no-one will know!” (photo: Twitter McDonald’s)
March 2nd, 2016 4:30 pm| by Ray W

Starting from today, McDonald’s in Holbaek is adding a digital terminal for customers to order and pay for their food.

Over the next two years, all of its 88 restaurants in Denmark will be equipped with the same digital terminals.

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The aim, according to McDonald’s spokesperson Pia Tobberup, is to cut down waiting times – especially for customers wanting special orders.

“By changing the entire production process, we can better meet people’s preferences,” Tobberup told Metroxpress.

“If, for example, someone wants extra onions, we can accommodate them right away.”

“HAL, hold the onions HAL”
Tobberup said that the new format will mean fewer employees at individual restaurants. More kitchen help will be required, but the self-service terminals will cut the need for counter staff.

In recent years, self-service units have been gaining more and more traction in the service industry. McDonald’s launched electronic self-service terminals over 10 years ago in the US.