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Out and About: Life and Seoul of the party

(all photos: Yinukhi)
February 28th, 2016 7:00 am| by Min Jung Kim

Around 40 people participated in a Korean youth meetup at the Irish Rover in Copenhagen on Saturday. Ranging from Korean exchange students, workers and travellers to local Danes interested in the country, they shared their laughter, life stories and experiences in Denmark.

“I received help from such gatherings when I first arrived here. But the association that once organised them stopped and so I decided to host this event, hoping that others would benefit from it like I did,” said the event organiser. It was a special night for everyone.

“As a Dane, I enjoyed listening to their expectations of, and experiences in, Denmark,” said Farah Amin (centre in the top left photo).

For Sooyoung Kim (centre in the top right photo), an exchange student, it was a fun night out where he made new friends, while for the event photographer, Yinukhi (bottom right), who has been trying to build a more visible South Korean community in Denmark through his photography project, it was an honour: “The diverse stories I heard tonight were all special and I am honoured to be photographing their moment here.” Due to the event’s success, it will likely become a regular occurrence.