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Brian’s Brainteaser

Do you have what it takes to guess Brian’s quiz? (photo: istock)
August 29th, 2015 7:00 am| by The Copenhagen Post


How to win
Identify what the clues in each circle have in common, and then deduce the link between your six answers to solve Brian’s Brainteaser.

The first correct submission to will win the prize, which must be used by the end of October (see below for more details).

Look out for the answers in the next edition.
Good Luck!



Last Month's Answer

FIRST SIX: Seven-time world champions; all have brothers called Ralph (Ralph Lauren’s sister, Lord of the Flies, King Ralph); in comas (The Dead Zone, 28 Days Later); all in ‘Asterix and the Olympic Games’; all in ‘Cars’; Benetton

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (seven time F1 champ, brother is Ralf, won his first two F1 titles racing for Benetton)