Today's Date: Europe Day - The Post

Today’s Date: Europe Day

Celebrations all over the continent

Celebrations in Brussels (photo: Rockcohen)
May 9th, 2017 8:45 am| by TheCopenhagenPost

Have you noticed the flags on the buses today?

That’s right, there are two types: the trust Dannebrog has been joined by the 12 stars of the EU flag, a design chosen in 1955 that thankfully hasn’t been updated every time a new member has been added (or taken away – we’re talking about you, Brexit!).

May 9 marks Europe Day, which commemorates the historic Schuman Declaration in 1950.

Robert Schuman, the French foreign minister at the time, proposed the merger of the French and West German coal and steel industries, leading to the European Coal and Steel Community – a forerunner of the EU.