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Week 11: Distortion on the street, exhaustion on my feet

This week saw some early-morning workouts despite the temptations, an exciting arrival from the Netherlands and some strong support from Scotland!

Its time to tone the back this week
June 14th, 2015 6:50 am| by Backs Kaysen


Keeping up a training regime during Distortion takes discipline – especially when you’ve vowed to do it early in the morning.
However, it came with some rewards as Kayser was surprised to see how easily I beasted this week’s 8×8 workout!

The workout is very demanding for the cardiovascular system, as there are only 30-second rests between each interval. Give it a go though, it’s worth it!

Joylent to the rescue!
There was also a little surprise in the post this week! My Joylent package from the Netherlands arrived!

I will now be commencing a diet using Joylent’s meal replacement shakes and I am pretty excited to see the results.

When maintaining a calorie deficit in one’s diet in order to lose weight, it’s so easy to neglect giving your body the sufficient amount of nutrition it needs.
So this should be a great way of ensuring I am not doing my body any harm without having to worry about calorie counting and meal planning when I have such a busy schedule.


A boost from a braveheart
I am also incredibly happy and honoured to introduce Claire Tracey to the Copenhagen Post’s Fitness Special. Claire is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditional coach, personal trainer and published sport scientist based in Edinburgh.

She’ll be sharing a weekly target exercise with us that can be included in anyone’s gym workout! This week it’s an exercise for the core and obliges.
And I’ve tried it and it’s super duper effective!

Back attack

‘Drop the beat’ playlist

Essential tunes to help get your pump on:

‘Hermetico’ – DJ Marvel & Ford Fairlane
‘Last Chance (Clockwork Remix)’ – Kaskade & Project 46
‘Turn Down For What’ – Lil Jon
‘The Draw’ – Bastille
‘Powerful’ – Major Lazer feat Ellie Goulding
‘Be Together’ – Major Lazer feat Wild Belle
‘I Won’t Mind’ – Zayn Malik


This week’s workout

Do 8 sets of 8 reps for each exercise with only 30-sec breaks in between sets
8×8 Pull-ups

8×8 Incline rows
8×8 Seated wide-grip rows
8×8 Behind neck pull-downs (only 4 sets)
8×8 Close-grip pull-downs (Only 4 sets)

Finisher: As many reps as possible of Dumbell pull-overs, rope pullovers and rack chins


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When Kayser met Kaysen

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